November/ Topaz

"Whenever you touch topaz, it touches you. It awakens a gentle fire, like wine awakens in grapes. Still unborn, clear wine seeks channels amidst stone, demands words, bestows its secret nourishment, shares out the kiss of human skin. The touch of stone and man in serene peace kindles garlands of fleeting flowers, which then return to prime sources: flesh and stone: contrary elements. "
Pablo Neruda

Facts about Topaz

The origins of Topaz are a bit clouded because it was originally confused with what is modern day Peridot. Some believe that the origins of the word “Topaz” comes from ancient Sanskrit and meabns “fire”.

Topaz comes in a rainbow of colors, although the fiery brown is what it is most known for.

On the Mohs hardness scale for gemstones. topaz ranks 8 out of 10, making it a great gemstone for daily wear that won’t suffer too much damage over time. .

The most valuable and rare color of Topaz is the imperial red, which only exists in 1% of topaz gems.

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