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What is a Lab-Grown Diamond?

A lab-grown diamond is a genuine diamond that is man-made in a lab. They are in fact the real-deal sharing the same diamond crystal lattice structure as earth-mined diamonds. Advanced technology replicates the same conditions deep within the earths mantel. They are also called synthetic diamonds which is technically correct but misleading. The FTC has acknowledged that the term, synthetic diamond, is misleading and agreed that laboratory grown, cultured or laboratory created can be used to alleviate such confusion.

What makes lab-grown diamonds different than earth mined diamonds?

All diamonds come from all different places. Some diamonds are mined from tundra’s in Canada using hefty machinery. Other diamonds are mined from alluvial deposits in places like Africa using simpler tools and equipment. Lab-grown diamonds are grown in a lab. Put simply, these are diamonds produced under different conditions. Since Lab-Grown diamonds are not mined from the earth, they provide a powerful alternative in a world sensitive to the social, ecological and economic issues related to diamond mining.  

Can someone tell the difference between a Love Earth Lab-Grown Diamond and a Mined Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical and optical properties of naturally earth mined diamonds and any differences are undiscernible to the naked eye and can only be detected using highly specialized equipment.

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