CH Hakimi

For Generations now, the name CH Hakimi has been recognized in the world of precious stones as dependable, first class and outstanding in their customer service.

Established in 1979, this family business soon became known around the globe for its collection of rare “One of a Kind” gemstones. By the early 1990’s, The CH family had flourished, standing amongst the leaders of fine quality Jewelry. “The King of Tanzanite”, a phrase often used to portray CH Hakimi, was one of many reasons why this family establishment stood prominent in a time of strong competition.

Today, a faultless reputation has enabled CH Hakimi to deal directly with mines and cutters around the world. For years now, CH has provided exceptional and matchless pieces at unrivaled quality. With its meticulous consistency, CH Hakimi has exuded a synonymous status of class and beauty which hopes to carry on for generations to come.

Products by CH Hakimi