Design Process

The Design Bar

Bring your ideas to life

It all starts with a sketch or a design you bring in.

Our Head Designer creates your piece around your ideas and helps you select gemstones that are perfect in shape, proportion, color, and clarity. You can even bring in your own gemstones for your creations, and there is no middle man or designer fee, because the Designer is you.

Your design is transformed...

We take your idea and turn it into a three-dimensional model through the use of a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program on a HD Screen. Hours are spent perfecting the design from 360 degrees to ensure structural and architectural integrity as well as beauty from every angle.

Your imagination starts to become reality.

This unique 3D image is then used to create a unique 3D mold. The model is used during intricate casting processes and specific firing techniques to cast the design in your choice of platinum, gold or silver.

Giving your one-of-a-kind piece that extra polish.

After the liquified precious metal is injected into the mold, a goldsmith then takes the piece and perfects the exterior of the metal. The design is then polished, adding shine and luster.

Once the jewelry has been cast, polished, set and finished, it receives a final buffing, bringing your piece to showroom quality...and to life.

What can you create?

Simply browse the examples in our showroom. Anything is possible at Edward Arthur Jewelers.